Spreading my wings … some recent tax articles

This is a bit of a meta-post, but here goes …

In recent months I’ve had a number of blog posts and articles published on other sites. Some of these have been reproduced here, but that’s not always possible or easy to do. So this post (which I will update as necessary) brings them together, with links to the sites where they originally appeared. All of these sites aim to foster a wider debate on tax, accessible to a non-technical audience, and are well worth a browse.

CoVi Responsible Tax Lab

The independent think tank CoVi (“Common Vision”) set up a Responsible Tax Lab in 2016, with the aim of bringing together business and civil society to design and encourage a responsible tax system.

The Lab’s blog includes three posts from me:

Can Brexit be used as the focus for a wider debate on tax policy?  – a blog on the launch of CoVi’s February 2018 report Responsible tax: new rules for Brexit Britain?.

Making tax policy post-Brexit: an international perspective  – my contribution to a seminar run by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Responsible Tax in January 2018, on making tax policy post-Brexit. The blog is also reproduced here and on the APPG’s blog.

Tax and the Taylor Review: the start of a debate?  – a blog published after the July 2017 report of the government-commissioned review of modern working practices by Matthew Taylor. The blog is also reproduced here.

LSE British Politics and Policy Blog

The London School of Economics and Political Science runs a number of blogs, including British Politics and Policy (BPP). BPP aims to increase public understanding of British politics and policy by providing accessible academic commentary and research – and it’s good to see tax included within that.

Three of my blogs have been published by BPP:

Two blogs on business taxes and the Autumn 2017 Budget: a preview (reproduced here) and then some reflections after the Budget (reproduced here).

Philip Hammond should shelve Osborne’s plan to cut corporation tax – my very first tax blog, also reproduced here. The political context has moved on (deteriorated further?) since it was written, in the very early days after the Brexit referendum, but it still has some relevance to the debate on corporate tax rates.


I’ve also published articles on tax avoidance for the online accounting site AccountingWEB:

Germany’s big tax scandal: lessons for the UK – a July 2017 article linked to my post on an avoidance scam by German banks.

Tax avoidance laid bare: the BNP Paribas case – a September 2017 article on a recent decision of the First-Tier Tax Tribunal, which exposes the inner workings of a bank’s tax planning (complete with smoking-gun emails).


The picture at the top of this blog is an Engrailed moth (Ectropis crepuscularia), taken in our garden by Simon Knott

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