Ilus Tartu: beautiful Tartu

Haven’t blogged for a while as I’ve been too busy. And now, a week into my intensive Estonian course in Tartu, my head’s too full of Estonian declensions to write a proper blog. So I thought I’d share some photos from my Saturday morning walk around Tartu’s university park and “Toomemägi” (cathedral hill). I hadn’t known what to expect of Estonia’s second city, with its reputation as a “closed city” in Soviet times, but I think the pictures speak for themselves …



Angel’s bridge: typical neoclassical style, with the inscription “Otium reficit vires” (leisure restores strength)




19th century café evokes Russian influence
Pagan roots: one of the many “sacrifice stones” in Estonia




Part of ruined cathedral – once the university library, now a museum
Kristjan Jaak Peterson, Estonian national poet who died aged 21 and walked from Riga to Tartu
Back down the hill past the Department of Languages, where my Estonian classes are held
Town-hall square
Ceci n’est pas une université
Emajõgi – Tartu’s river – literally “mother river”

Mul ei ole enam ema , aga ma armastan Emajõge – “I no longer have a mother, but I love Emajõgi” (as we might say in Estonian class).

And finally … Foucault’s pendulum

Taeva all on ainult üks perekond – “under the heavens there is but one family” (Bruce Lee).

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